Saturday, March 11, 2006

Old Slugger O'Toole, I'll still beat you at Pool

With apologies to Mr. Tom Waits for the above, we are delighted to greet this morning's sluggerite traffic spikers - hat tip Mr. Naoise Nunn, wunderkind impresario and good chum of Cruiskeen Eile. As Aine Chambers would say, you are most welcome to Myerswatch dot blogspot dot com. We hope you enjoy our site and maybe you'll be tempted to hang out and experience for yourselves the many delights and enchanting atmosphere of Cruiskeen Eile.

Are you a gentleman of generous carriage? Why not pop into the library, settle into one of our capacious armchairs, its soft leather mellowed by antique use, and relaxing in our clubbable surrounds - you're among friends here - browse our mission statement, consider our meditation on Green Willow or follow the exciting adventures of our heroic protagonist in his quest to bring arch-nemesis BASTARD BABY to justice?

If you'd like us to freshen your scotch, just ring the bell by the Italian Marble fireplace. We'll hear it in the servants' hall.


Blogger Slarti said...

I got the idea to do this from a song he wrote once:

To be sung to the tune of Camptown Races

Song for Kevin Myers (What About the IRA?)

Who cheered on the Baghdad scorch?
I did. I did.
Shock and Awe it lit my torch,
Who likes bombs on Arab heads?
I do. I do.
Mothers, children ripped to shreds,
But what about the IRA?

Chorus: I drench my page with bloody ink,
Filthy words all the way,
Raise a glass as the bodies start to stink,
But what about the IRA?

Who says it's fab to shoot a Prisoner of War?
I do. I do.
Splatter that mosque with brains and gore,
But what about the IRA?

Who creamed his pants when Iraqis smashed like eggs?
I did. I did.
Now they have no arms and they have no legs,
But what about the IRA?

Chorus: Now lets all bomb Iran,
Turn life into decay,
Sizzle Arabs in the pan,
But what about the IRA?

Who screamed that Guantanamo proves your sin?
I did. I did.
They're all fucking terrorists by the colour of their skin,
But what about the IRA?

Who whips up fears about the Muslims here?
I do. I do.
Saying they'll kill our women and ban our beer,
But what about the IRA?

Chorus: Who kicked the gypos into touch?
No caravans on display,
Filthy beggars want too much,
But what about the IRA?

Who supports the Cheney cause?
I do. I do.
Any lie he tells gets my applause,
But what about the IRA?

Who opposes violence then preaches might?
I do. I do.
Murder's wrong except when it's right,
But what about the IRA?

Chorus: I've never walked on the knife,
Been on the sidelines all my day,
Avoided war all my life,
Just wrote about the IRA.

2:31 p.m.  
Blogger Copernicus said...

I've never walked on the knife,
Been on the sidelines all my day,
Avoided war all my life

Not to have a go ( thanks for visiting) but to be fair to the Colonel, Cruiskeen Eile acknowledges his war reporting from Bosnia and the dark days of the Troubles. The problem is that while he may have balls, he's lost his marbles.

2:40 p.m.  
Blogger Kevin Breathnach said...

It's good to know that there are some Tom Waits fans around the 'sphere.

7:52 p.m.  
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