Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Colonel Has Left the Building

Just a quick Cut and Paste job of the letters in The Irish Times today, bidding fond, and not so fond, farewells to the bould Colonel.

Madam, - Who else is going to horrify and humour me in equal measure? Since his departure I have become a more placid person. Other journalists don't seem to provoke me to the point of rage the way "An Irishman's Diary" did. I miss him. . . - Yours, etc,

Aiken's Village,
Co Dublin

Madam, - Please allow me to express my joy at the departure of Kevin Myers from your newspaper. Experience has taught me that everyone finds their own level in life eventually and in joining a newspaper group with "tabloid" standards, Mr Myers has found his. I have no doubt he will be among his own at Independent Group. - Yours, etc,

Grange Court,
Dublin 16.

Madam, - It is sad to hear that Kevin Myers is leaving The Irish Times. Under his stewardship, the "Irishman's Diary" was entertaining and always a worthwhile read. I met Mr Myers a number of times when I was involved with the UCC team on Challenging Times - one of the abiding memories of my time in university.

I would like to wish him all the best for the future! - Yours, etc,

Blarney Road,

Madam, - With the departure of Kevin Myers to his natural home in the Independent Newspaper Group, I'll be deprived of a daily ritual of mine.

His "Irishman's Diary" was the first article I went to every morning, so I could read it, cut it out, bin it and continue to read the rest of your refreshingly liberal paper.

His usual right-wing rant was bad enough, but his pathetic efforts at humour were even worse.

He has found his true home beside the syndicated Daily Telegraph pieces and the "hang 'em and flog 'em" columnists of Mr O'Reilly's empire.

I look forward to becoming a regular reader of "An Irishman's Diary" from now on, - Yours, etc,

Osprey Drive,
Dublin 6W.

Madam, - We shall miss his contribution and craic.

However, one Kevin Myers doesn't make a good newspaper so I, for one, will not be moving with him. - Yours, etc,

Windmill Road,
Co Down.

Madam, - Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last! . . . - Yours, etc,

Dublin 4.

More bits and pieces to come...